"A moment or a day when being single really sucked."

Hmn.. I believe it's when Valentines Day is just right in the corners. That day is what my single friends call the "fire-squad-day". It's like imagining all singles men and women, all lined up in the plaza and be shot one by one just because we failed to find a valentino/valentina for that matter. I know, all those chocolates, bloody red roses, sweet musics and couples giggling and being oh-so-romantic as you pass by them, sucks! You might even ask yourself, what have I done to deserve this treatment? LOL! But the only thing that comforts me is that this day is not only for lovers but for family and friends too. I know being too extravagant and buying all those things for your lover is just one way for business-minded people to take over their wallets, but lavishing to material stuffs like these won't be just for lovers but for other special people in your life. I often complain why I don't have someone to be on a date with but who says dating your mom, your sister or your friends is prohibited? So long as there is no stupid law to prevent us from doing this, I have got to say, I will date them even if in time, I'll find someone special to date with too. My being an optimist always prevails, I always hope for the best despite how at times I feel like I sucked at finding "the one",When the right time comes and if God permits, things will fall apart at the right place and if not, take it as it is! :)

“And why are YOU still single?”

Yeah, that question! 
Sometimes when I hear it, it's either I'll be pissed off or just laugh at how stupid that certain someone is. Recently, just this summer someone popped that question. Now this is the scenario.
Summer is my season. Summer time means reorganizing my life, general cleaning, traveling, beaches, review, plans for improvement and doing lots of adventures. C'est la vie as they say it! What struck me today was a conversation I had with a friend in pre-school. He asked me if why didn't I have a boyfriend at this age, why I am still single or haven't settled down yet. He was so baffled to find out that I AM STILL SINGLE. The usual reaction would be me being pissed off, but sorry to say this, it's because I am not at all pissed. Haha! I just laugh it out loud. I thought, does society really wants us to follow a specific line of events? That at this age we should be with someone, get married, have kids? Blah! Blah! College.Internship.Job.Married.Babies. I don't wanna fall into this layout that society has planned out for me just yet. What I wanna do first is to lust after life with a courageous soul and an adventurous heart before I even decide to have a boyfriend or perhaps to tie the knot. I want to enjoy my being an individual first and do things on my own rules before I am ready to be in a serious relationship. I mean, hello! This is my choice. This is my life. Can I not love myself first before being ready to commit to someone who truly loves me too in return? This isn't a race my friend. I am not in a hurry and I am so happy being like this, seriously & honestly. I don't want to force myself just because society tells me so. Sure, some of my family members, close friends & suitors have asked me the same question which before it had quite pressured me a lot. But I say, only time can tell when I am ready and everything is ironed out well accordingly to God's plans and my family's blessings. While I think that loving someone else is a necessity in life, I think that we need to love ourselves before we can even consider to love anything or anyone else in our lives. I am going to embrace being me and love every single second of it. I am going to love my emotional state of mind, my soccer thighs, my quirky way of sleeping, my hate for pineapples and my inability to whistle. I am gonna soak up every little inch of myself, appreciate who I am and love it! I am at peace with my relationship status and so leave me be. 

For now, I want to be like this because I don't settle for a question mark relationship just because I am pressured of what society dictates. I wanna hold out for an exclamation point relationship where I am certain that I can have the best future with that right person with playfulness and bliss to incandescent love. I just need to decide which piece I feel the safest holding when I fall. I think I may have found the piece I was looking for. Someone who invades my thoughts at times and makes me smile all of a sudden like crazy. Just the mere thought of that someone creates a tidal riot of butterflies in the pit of my stomach, but in a good way of course. Someone who scares me, challenges me and still makes me happier than I’ve ever been. But I'll just have to enjoy the feeling of being in-love and see to it if this feeling will last up to the moment when I'll be ready for a relationship. Things & people change, we can never be certain of what the future holds. These feelings might change per se or maybe not. Indeed, only time can tell. ♥ :)

The Single Woman’s 30-Day Blogging Challenge

It has been a long time since I get to update my blog. I have been quite busy at school and work and the fact that this busy-ness has stressed spelled all over my face, I still have time to take the challenge posted by one of my favorite authors which I discovered online via twitter, Ms. Mandy Hale. Oh yes! I have been single for 24 years already and I still have no luck in the love department. I believe I am beautiful and awesome in my own way and I treat people right. I've been a good daughter to my folks and I have never brought any disgrace to them (such as getting myself impregnated or taking drugs, etc.). Yes, I have suitors too but there's something that I am looking for in them. I think I have also found what people usually refer to as "the one" but sad thing is, in his eyes he doesn't find me that appealing. But oh well, we gotta carry on and live with it. This is one of the givens in life, you get hurt, broken but there is always hope and I am a firm believer of that. You just can't please everybody and I still have lots of things to do and awesome people to meet. Who knows, the real thing is really out there just waiting for me. He could be within reach and so I have to super-size my instincts. Haha! But seriously, at times, I thought I was "malas" (ill-fortune) in the love department but I realized, patience is a virtue and everything happens for a reason. I need not wait for someones validation of my being a woman, I only need myself and I've gotta enjoy the ride while I still live in this beautifully-messed-up-world. I have got to fix myself first before I try to decide on committing in a really deeply-committed-relationship with what they call "the one". 

Oprah was right when she said that we gotta find that special someone not for supplementary but for complementary reasons. A relationship with someone other than yourself takes a whole lot of challenge but the differences should not tear you both apart, rather you gotta complement each other and love shouldn't fade away most specially in times where you feel like the world is against you. This is the reason why despite my crazy schedule and a week bombarded with exams and deadlines, I decided to be up for this 30-day blogging challenge. This is gonna be interesting and I am looking forward for my single friends too to take this challenge especially when writing down everything you feel and reflect on gives you this release, this therapeutic feeling that we need out of the hustle and bustle of City life. If you are up for it, click this link and have fun, ladies! :)


It's been a long time since we had this gathering and serious conversation with my MKP sisters, Glenice and Zamia. It's so nice strolling with you guys, looking for that perfect sexy shoe and having to spend siesta time with you both. In moments when one of us feels like the world is against us, who do you call? Ghost busters?  Haha! Nah-ah! Siempre your God-given, soro sisters. Naman! Although we may have had rough times, confused of what the future holds and feels as if we are still in the cross-roads, always remember that through thick and thin, in joy and tribulation, we will always remain MU KAPPAN sisters forever. I love you both :)

Paying it Forward

While enjoying our weekend at the night market with some good old friends, my MKP sister Zam bought this for me. (Thanks, sis!) As always, you are the malambing (sweetest) ever! I may not understand you in some ways but friendship, no matter what, accepts you for who you are and for what you want to become. I may not understand some of your decisions but as a friend and a sorority sister, I will support you so long as you will not hurt yourself. Hehe! Oh well, you know that I love you, right? Sister for keeps! :)

Well, this pretty bracelet is made from coconut leaves, dried & made to last for years just like us, we stay sisters though not biologically. You will be that sister that Mama Almarita will willingly adopt aside from Glenice and Ching of course. Haha! This one of a kind bracelet, represents our bond. It was sold to us for 10php by an IP woman from Matigsalug tribe. We befriended her & helped her sell her master - pieces. #payingitforward 

For you, Pops!

My first love. My Hero. My Critique. My Motivation. 
To my Tatay Domingo, Happy Father's Day!
No matter where I go and what I do in life, who I get married to (someday, if it's ever possible. Haha!), or how much time I spend with that special man whom I chose to be with for forever, you know deep within that you will always be the number "1" man in my life. I will always be your lil girl.  

Farewell, LRC!

Today will be my last day with my LRC, Balaod Mindanaw, Kaisahan, Saligan & ADMU Human Rights Center family. We shall soon meet again, if by God's grace we are all blessed to see each other years from now and call ourselves Panyeros & Panyeras in the legal profession all leaning to try to become alternative lawyers just like our awesome seniors.#toalwaysdreambig